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  • Crate Size: L26"-30" x W21.5" x H25"
  • Overall Trolley Size: L26"-30" x W21.5" x H35"
  • Overall Weight (fully assembled):  51lbs

Please note that Length option upgrades for the 1 Berth Titan Medium are free of charge. choose from 3 different trolley lengths.





 Titan Show Trolley Features

  •         All doors are fully lockable for extra safety.
  •         Overall trolley weight:  51lbs
  •         Top surface allows for easy grooming.
  •         Easy to clean, shatter-proof roof, base & dividers.
  •         Removable soft grip chunky handles.
  •         Grooming arm port
  •         All show trolleys have fan and bowl holders fitted.
  •         Strong, sturdy trolley design will handle any surface.
  •         Roofs can be locked if necessary for extra safety.
  •         Beautiful sleek finish, a true head turner.
  •         Fully collapsible, fits into almost vehicle.
  •         5 Year Titan Warranty


The Titan 1 Berth Medium Dog Show Trolley has been designed to allow for you to design your perfect 1 berth Trolley for almost any breed upto intermediate in size. you can optionally choose different lengths for the crate section from 26", 28" & 30" Lengths. this makes this 1 berth trolley perfect for small breeds that wish to share together and will easily accommodate breeds like, Bedlington, Cockers, Dandies,Lakeland and Irish terrier, Skyes, Bulldogs, Chinese Crested, Keeshond, Pekingese, Tibetan terriers, Corgis, Shetland sheepdogs, Valhunds & Heelers, Cattle dogs & other similar breeds. The Titan 1 berth medium is a great show trolley for one dogs and can easily be setup in about 40 seconds. The Titan 1 Berth Medium Dog Show Trolley comes with our fantastic 5 year warranty protecting you fully against any fault. No other dog show trolley maker offers this. Our tough rigid Trolley top makes grooming a breeze, you can even attach any existing grooming arm to our Dog Show Trolleys.

1 Berth MEDIUM

Grooming Arm Port