Canine Cytology Test Kit 

This kit is used to perform a vaginal cytology stain test.  The purpose of this test is to determine optimal time to breed to ensure maximum litter sizes.   Make breeding easier using this simple stain test and 15mins of your day.   


Pacakge Contents:

(1) Fixative stain - 4oz bottle

(1) Eosin Red stain  - 4oz bottle

(1) Methylene Blue stain - 4oz bottle
(1) Cotton tipped applicators - 100/pkg


The staining procedure takes mere minutes.

Each jar holds 4oz of stain and is good for hundreds of repeat tests.   The first jar is the FIXATIVE.  The second jar is a RED Eosin based dye.  The third jar is a BLUE Methylene Blue based dye.  


This test takes just a few minutes to execute and will produce a test slide that is easy to evaulate under the microscope (not included).  


Cytology Test Kit