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  • Crate Size: L28"-30" x W22.5" x H30"-34"
  • Compartment Size:L28"-30" x W22.5" x H14.5"-16.5"
  • Overall Trolley Size: L28"-30" x W22.5"  x H40"-44"
  • Overall Weight (fully assembled):  57lbs

Trolley length and compartment height options are provided free of charge for the MIDI Double decker 


Titan Show Trolley Features

  •         All doors are fully lockable for extra safety.
  •         8" (200mm) Titan All Terrain cushioned wheel 
  •         Overall trolley weight:  57lbs
  •         Top surface allows for easy grooming.
  •         Optional Storage Shelf for this Titan.
  •         Easy to clean, shatter-proof roof, base & dividers.
  •         Removable soft grip chunky handles.
  •         Grooming arm port
  •         All show trolleys have fan and bowl holders fitted.
  •         Strong, sturdy trolley design will handle any surface.
  •         Roofs can be locked if necessary for extra safety.
  •         Beautiful sleek finish, a true head turner.
  •         Fully collapsible, fits into almost vehicle.
  •         5 Year Warranty

Double Decker MIDI