Moisture resistant, tear resistant and washable.  Approximate sizes will be:

XSmall:  11in x 13in

Small: 11in x 17in


Impact Crate/Metal Stacking Crate Sizes:

100:  20in x 16in

200:  24in x 18in

300:  30in x 20in

400:  34in x 22in


Available colors:  Moroccan Blue, Robin Egg Blue, Purple, Red, Black and Charcoal Gray


Washing instructions:  This material is very durable but for the purpose of longevity it is recommended to launder this bed in cold water, gentle cycle, low spin, lie flat to dry or to dry on a delicate cycle.  Do not use bleach or harsh detergents.  Always keep in mind that this material is waterproof and will repel most liquids.  To ensure that this material maintains that property, it is imperative that you wash according to the provided instructions.  


Color samples are available for purchase

Ripstop Crate Mat

  • XS:   $12.50

    SM:  $15.50

    100:  $18.50

    200:  $21.50

    300:  $27.50

    400:  $35.00


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