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Vellus Be Calm for Dogs- From Nature, Pure, Simple, and Easy to Use!

A custom Blend of gentle, pure, safe, therapeutic grade essential oils. The essential oils we have chosen are well known for their calming benefits.

Essential oils are aromatic compounds found in plants. These pure natural plant extracts are beautifully and powerfully fragrant and can benefit canines and humans alike.

Available in Roller Bottle, Spray Bottle or Combo Package.


Why use Vellus Be Calm for Dogs?

• A simple, pure and natural way to calm your dog.
• All natural tool for training and competition.
• You can use VELLUS BE CALM too!
• Easy to use – 

Spray or roll on hand and allow dog to inhale aromatically.
Spray or roll on your hand and pet your dog, apply to back of neck or between paw pads.
Spray bedding.  Spray your pant leg so your dog benefits as he walks beside you.



• When using the roll-on bottle, apply from the roller to your hand, then to your dog to keep from contaminating the roller.
• Never place essential oils in eyes, ear canal, or nose, as these are sensitive areas.
• Apply to the back of YOUR neck, behind YOUR ears and on YOUR wrists so you and your dog can Be Calm together!

Vellus Be Calm for Dogs