Made from 100% cotton.  Reusable and washable.  Come with two carbon filter inserts.

Quick Release Elastic (Adj OH) similary to the N-95

Soft, plush, non-abrasive ear loops (SEL) with rubber bead tensioner

All are available either with or without a filter pocket


Pocket style masks will come with 2 carbon filter inserts.



Child - Up to 4"

Teen - Up to 5"

Sm Adult - up to 6 1/2"

Md Adult - up to 7 1/2"

Lg Adult - up to 8 1/2"

To know what will fit you will need to use either a flexible tape measure or a string.  Measure from the bridge of your nose following down your nose over your mouth and to just slightly under your chin.   See our FAQ page for more information. 


Our masks are reusable and washable. Wash them in hot water then lay flat or hang to dry.  Using an iron will return it to that new crisp look.  

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